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My approach

Photography is my passion. Therefore I treat each of YOU very individually. There are no two persons alike. Each child, baby, family, even newborn is different and deserves individual approach. I like to get to know YOU prior to the session in order to suggest some tailor-made ideas that would include YOUR personality, passion or hobby. Usually we would talk on the phone or via email and discuss the details (what to wear, where to shoot, who, how etc.). I might talk too much sometimes but I always listen carefully in order to understand YOUR needs. I do sessions in your house, in my house, outdoor or in my little studio.

My photographs are mostly lifestyle photos. I hardly ever pose my subjects especially newborns. I believe that photography should capture the reality and I so much prefer to take picture of a thoughtful toddler rather than artificial smiling toddler. And I never say: smile! but we simply have fun and I have a lot of respect to my models no matter the age.

I never rush! It is all about you feeling comfortable. Please choose a day and hour when you don’t have to rush anywhere either - you will feel more relaxed and it will show on the pictures :-)

The best timing for doing natural light sessions (outdoor or in your house) are mornings and late afternoons. This way we can get a really nice soft light (cooler in the morning and warmer in the evening) and avoid harsh and not so flattering shadows.

How a session looks like?


The best time to do maternity session is somewhere between 28 and 35 weeks. Usually it is only me and the future mom but feel free to invite your partner and /or kids if you wish. The session can take place either in your home, outdoor or in my studio (studio is limited to 3 persons only). Maternity session takes usually 1-1.5 hours, you can change clothes (or stay nude or semi-nude), I change backgrounds, adjust lighting and take pictures.


The best time to do newborns session is up to 14 days after a baby is born. This is the time when we can capture little one sleeping in one of those heartwarming moments. But don’t worry if your baby is older than that - I will gladly take pictures of an older baby and provide unforgettable experience and pictures. I recommend your own house for the shooting location because it is much more comfortable for the parents and therefore for the newborn. Newborn session takes 2-4 hours depending on number of feeding breaks, changing breaks etc. Again - I never rush so don’t worry - I will have plenty of time for you. I have a set of blankets, hats, crochet over-the-diaper-pants and quite a nice choice of props. You are always encouraged to have something on your own - fav blanket, hat etc. that will stay with you forever just like the pictures. We will also take some pictures without any clothes on so make sure the room is heated up to minimum 80 degrees (please do it 2 hours before scheduled session).


Children session are usually shorter - 30 minutes to 1 hour. I recommend studio or outdoor sessions. This is all about your children and children only! Please make sure that your child had enough of sleep and that she/he has a full tummy (but not too full) so she/he is happy. The rest is my job. I will talk to them, show them my camera and gear, ask them for help, make funny faces and noises and use different props to engage them with something, eventually - I will blow bubbles. “Sit still and smile” is not me so please expect some (crazy) fun!


I enjoy outdoor family sessions. I encourage families to do a picnic, play ball, run, hug - in other words - to be yourselves enjoying each other’s company. I will capture those candid and relaxed moments. Usually families, that normally have so little time nowadays, are so happy to be together just for the fact of being together and experiencing something together. Think of the session not only as a picture session but also a love and cherish session.

Panorama (New!)

This is a unique and a very artistic way of capturing your family/children/you in action. To understand the idea - please see my Panoramas in Gallery. This session usually takes about 1 hour and can be done both in your house or outdoors.

About me

I’m a Polish mother of two beautiful girls Marianna and Ula and wife of my wonderful and handsome husband Damian. I’m also a photographer who pursues her passion for children photography. In other words - I love capturing those unique thoughtful moments, candid expressions and happiness on child’s little face.

I speak English, German and Polish.

Special thanks:
I would like to give special thanks to my darling husband Damian who made it all possible. He always believed and still does believe in me and he is always there for me. He helped me a lot with understanding the physics behind photographic process and he always provides constructive critic to my pictures. He is love of my life! Thank you Damian!


I’m much better with pictures than with words so here are a few of words from my clients:

“We had two sessions with Ania and both were a delight. Our session prior to our baby being born was so relaxing that we felt we'd been photographed by a friend. Ania had listened to our brief to the letter but had also built on that with some brilliant ideas of her own. One of these I really wasn't sure about but when we saw the end result it became one of our favourite shots. When we returned a while later with a two week old baby to photograph Ania wasn't in the least bit phased by the fact that he decided to scream solidly for two hours. She was much more at ease than we were and miraculously produced some wonderful pictures both of our son and of us as a family. If she was inconvenienced by our shoot time running over because of a crying Gabriel she never let it show and did everything she could to bring out the best in all of us. I would have no hesitation recommending Ania to anyone who wants beautiful, natural family photographs. Anne Geddes eat your heart out!” -- Bernadette and Gerald
“Ever since Ania started her business I was very interested in her amazing work. I followed her blog and enjoyed looking at her fantastic pictures! Shortly before she left for the States we were very happy that Ania could take pictures of our three children. It was awesome! The kids loved her and she was full of ideas on how to make them laugh. I was very impressed by her patience and her ability to capture the most special moments. Thank you very much! We are very sad that you moved away!” -- Christina
“Ania can capture the moments of children's life. I do like her work, her photos. At our first session she could capture the second when my 22 month old son gave his first kiss... to my belly with his sister inside. :) and a photo session with her is really good fun too. Ania, wish you all the best! We miss you :)” -- Zsuzsanna