About me

My name is Ania.

This is me. I am mother of 3 wonderful girls. They brought joy and happiness to our family and I truly enjoy spending time with them. It amazes me how quickly they grow and change. I want to remember all these moments and be able to come back to them once they move out and start their own adult life. Every time when they learn something new and they don’t need me anymore, I feel proud but also very aware of the time flying. It is important to stop and appreciate the moments.

I would be delighted to be able to capture these special moments in your life.

I love the emotions I am surrounded with. I love gentle smiles and loud giggles. I love pensive toddlers and those who are on a wilder side. I love the connections between parents and their newborn baby, this unconditional love and total happiness, despite all those sleepless nights. I love to bring even more joy to new parents. There is nothing better than being able to capture those beautiful moments and emotions that they can cherish for a lifetime.

I love my job.